The Consideration of Delivery at the Time of Online Wine Purchase

Wine bottle shipping has become an ordinary step in a purchase. However, it was not always the case.

Home delivery began at the end of the 19th century. Initially it was only a service associated with food, but it became an obligation to deliver products of all kinds.

From the milkman’s door to door to the giant container ships, home delivery or transmission points are assigned to any type of transport. In large cities via couriers on bicycles or with patience for a product from abroad that will use a multi-transport supply chain.

Regardless of whether the delivery derives from an order in the actual point of sale or on a website, its main advantage is undoubtedly its ability to influence the purchase of wine.


Bottle box delivery affects the purchase decision and the post-purchase evaluation, it is examined by the consumer from a financial, temporal and security point of view. Safe bottle shipping is a real competitive advantage that significantly increases the conversion rate.

The consumer will evaluate the pros and cons of wine delivery, which then becomes decisive to make him understand that he can receive his products safely, causing a stimulus that will push him to proceed with the purchase.It is important for the company to combine safe packaging with a delivery service.

These deliveries allow consumers to combine the pleasure of buying without the constraint of travel and the risk of bottle breakage. Personalized delivery has become commonplace, for example for Christmas events it should be noted that 75% of buyers have opted for home delivery.

A customer satisfied with the delivery has many possibilities to repeat a wine purchase on the same site and maintain a good image of the company. For this reason, it is essential to pay close attention to the packaging of your wine shipments. If you send wine, beer or glass bottles in general, trust our NAKPACK system.


The consumer who makes an online purchase experiences a particular expectation and emotion for his product. Shared between the desire to receive it and to try it. The level of satisfaction is well related to the receipt of your purchase.

However, the customer will be more disappointed than a traditional purchase if the product purchased suffers damage during delivery.

This trust in the quality of delivery must be one of the primary objectives of the company. Ensuring customer satisfaction with product and delivery is therefore essential for customer loyalty.

Today, delivery can very quickly become a competitive advantage for a company. It must be one of the strongest axes in its marketing strategy. As people are becoming more and more enthusiast of e-shopping, the delicate phase of wine bottle shipping should not be an obstacle to this mode of consumption. The shipping phase during purchase must not be ignored.

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