Transportation of Wine: NakPack, the Best Bottle Packaging System in Europe Today

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The United Kingdom is famous for its taste of good wine. In 2018, sparkling wine consumption hit a record 164 million bottles as its embraced sparkling wine for all instances, from homes to pubs. That is why it becomes necessary, for wine shop, classic wine bars, e-commerce or simple enthusiasts, to ship a large number of bottles in complete safety and quickly all over the country or the world. The logistic aspect in the wine business is extremely delicate and important. It is a gigantic sector that requires adequate planning in bottle transportation.

First of all, starting from the packaging, which in order to guarantee a perfect integrity of your precious liquid must be of the highest quality. The most important aspect for the shipment of wine bottles, in fact, concerns their extreme fragilities: glass is a delicate material and the longer the way to go during transit, the greater the degree of protection of the packaging must be.

To date, packaging systems made entirely of cardboard represent an excellent alternative solution to the classic and non-ecological polystyrene wine packaging. In this context NAKPACK® certainly represents a simple, but “engineering” solution to the delicate wine shipping phase.

The system has been specifically designed to accommodate any type of bottle while safeguarding its safety. So that if you have to ship to Paris, rather than Singapore or New York you will always have the certainty of a system that guarantees the maximum security.

To date (17 June 2019) over 8,000,000 bottles have been shipped with NAKPACK®.

For more details on how it works, you can visit the related page.

But what is its secret? Thanks to the ingenious architecture (protected by industrial design) the wine bottles remain completely suspended and well-spaced from each side of the outer box and from every other bottle contained during transit. Thus, any accidental fall during the delicate wine transportation will be adequately cushioned.

The philosophy of Nakpack® is to use the cardboard only where it is really needed. A year of study in the laboratory and with the most important international couriers have enabled us to achieve the best possible solution. Light and robust at the same time, Nakpack® is the most innovative and safe solution in the European market today. The bottom and lid spacers are larger than any other system on the market and their positions and variable sizes have been designed to cushion the most critical and vulnerable points. Each bottle is supported by a double continuous and staggered turn of battlements specifically designed to make the entire block flexible and elastic. The bottom and sides have a double wrapping in micro-triple cardboard to cushion even the most extreme and demanding falls.

Our bottle packaging system is tested to fall repeatedly from a height of over 120 cm!

Reliability is demonstrated by over 2800 customers completely satisfied with our solution.

And what are you waiting for? Ask for more information or the pricing list right now.

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