Why isn’t Your Winemaker 2.0 Instagram Profile Working?

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This article is not intended to be an exhaustive guide, but rather some reasoning done collectively trying to put together a set of criteria that could help you create a more interesting Instagram profile.
First of all, I hope you have a profile as a good winemaker 2.0 in the new digital age. NO? Then you should do it immediately.


The secret of Instagram’s success is the result of the aroused emotions of communication: The Image. The application, born in 2010 (which allows to take pictures and modify them with filters) has transformed the techniques of photography from a way to share a memory to a way to share a moment. This transformation has relied on the main characteristic of the images, which is to transmit emotions surpassing language barriers and the result is over 700 million users who, in the last seven years, have published 30 billion photos and videos.

To be successful on Instagram, it is not necessary to randomly publish photos and impact images, on the contrary it is necessary to have a clear vision of the objectives to be achieved and how the channel can fit into an already established strategy of your wine cellar.


Instagram is a social media based on images and consequently it is precisely from those that we must start to attract attention. Always remember this “The photo for Instagram is a photo that surprises the user and blocks it for a moment. If you manage to make the photo surprising, the user stops for a moment and consequently succeeds to catch his attention. Only if you have caught his attention will he go and read what you have written, maybe he will see your profile and begin to follow you“.


Not sure what to publish on your Instagram account? Choosing the topics and strategies of your posts are very important: Instagram is based on the visual impact so it is important that your brand has a coherent and easily recognizable identity.


First of all, choose the style to use: select a filter or a set of filters to use on most of your photos (consider that almost no one now uses the native ones). Always using the same style define an image recognizable by your followers.

On a visual level, you also have to decide on what kind of content your photos will focus on. You will think this is an obvious choice: a clothing brand will publish photos of clothes and outfits, while a restaurant will use photos of its dishes? Consider that those who really make a difference on Instagram today, are those who can talk about themselves … without talking about themselves.

And here comes the first rule, to sell your bottles of wine, you don’t necessarily have to show your bottles of wine. Here you can see these examples. Do you find them attractive to your potential customer? If the answer is no, then why publish them?



Maybe your customers want to see what’s behind your bottle of wine. They want to know how your wine was produced, like the vineyard where the grapes are grown. They want to see the wine seasons. Imagine your vineyard covered in snow or shrouded in fog on cold autumn days immediately after the harvest. They want to get to know the real people behind your wonderful product. They want to see be touched by your wine, almost to savour the aromas.


Now you should ask yourself if your Instagram feed is saturated with photos of sad bottle of wine or is it a live feed with images inspired by the personality of people and places that make your wine cellar truly unique and special?


When you insert your photos, try to follow the simple PPB rule (ie People, Places and Bottles) or with a ratio between the individual types of photos of 4: 4: 1 for every nine photos. There may also be variations in the mix of people and places in evidence, as long as the last value (that of your wine bottles) is always kept rather low. In the image below you can see a beautiful example of correct use. Your beloved bottle will always be there, but it will not be the only protagonist. Instead, the people, the places of your wine, the one your client doesn’t see when he has the bottle of wine in his hand.


What you always need to keep in mind is that Instagram should be used to capture attention, and not to advertise. You just have to show your audience, your customer something that is really worth the time.


Do you have a website to sell your wines online?


Great. Then you will have more chance to add interesting content to your feed. Observe how Riva dei Fratis handled very well its own instagram profile. Through a simple and effective communication, it reassured its customers on the Christmas expedition. The subliminal message whispered was: “Everything will arrive on time. There will be no broken bottles of wine. Your Christmas lunch will be saved “.

Effective, don’t you think?


How would Riva dei Frati’s clients react to this post? Definitely reassured. Definitely less anxious seeing how their orders had been properly prepared. Here, you are closer to your customers, to their needs and they will reward you.

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