The Importance of Custom Packaging to Stand Out from other E-commerce

First and foremost, when we talk about wine packaging, we are referring to how to ship your bottles of wine, beer, spirits & olive oil so that they can reach customers in an irreproachable and perfectly secure state. From this perspective, bottles packaging becomes the first product coverage in the sense of capacity, protection and conservation.

However today, the role of bottle packaging goes beyond this dimension. It also aims to seduce the customer, to impress at first glance, so it will facilitate the visibility of your e-commerce because when a customer is satisfied with the deliveries of your company, he is willing to recommend to his entourage.

It must be said that unlike other media, this new form of corporate advertising directly brings the consumer to the product. Personalized bottles packaging becomes an essential instrument in terms of efficiency in marketing strategy. It is a condition sine qua non, not to say a mandatory passage, to develop the company.

It can therefore be said that personalized bottles packaging contributes to the image of a brand. In this sense, it is an essential communication tool to reveal the values ​​of a brand in order to consolidate its position on the market. Also, it arouses the curiosity of consumers and therefore allows to retain them.

A New Power of Seduction

It seems that your efforts in digital marketing have proved futile, your sales are falling gradually and you do not even know what to do. Do not worry! The solution is all found. It’s up to you now to pay attention to the new and effective alternative in terms of corporate advertising. Yes! Custom packaging is the best option to boost your e-commerce business.

Strange certainly when you are told that the packaging or custom packaging of your glass bottles represents a formidable weapon of loyalty of your customers! Yet this is very true. You can make frequent sales just by this new trend in corporate advertising. To be clearer, the personalized packaging offers to any company a power of seduction of the very real clientele.

Custom packaging means the personalized packaging or corporate advertising model designed to meet your needs. This is to assess your needs, your objectives and constraints to advise you the best packaging solution. In addition, bespoke packaging offers many advantages:

  • The development of a product through a suitable packaging;
  • The demarcation of competition thanks to a unique packaging;
  • The experimentation of a personalized packaging, which offers a freedom of personal choice as to the color, the shape, the visual and the material of the packaging.

It must be said that it is not the goods per se that consumers buy, but much more than that! Instead, they buy the experiences they will have the opportunity to feel. When a customer receives a commodity whose packaging is traditional, it awakens in him expectations, illusion, curiosity. An excellent bottle packaging is affectionate to the measure of all the specificities of the product.

A Real Impact on Loyalty

You are certainly wondering why opting for custom packaging. Maybe you’re right! But the least we can say is that it is one of the best corporate advertising strategies. Let’s say that the marketing cost of soliciting new customers is 5 times greater than that of retaining one. However, personalized packaging encourages more repetitive purchases when it is successful. This promotes customer loyalty.

They become the true ambassadors of your company. And the more they will appreciate the quality of your services, the more they will speak positively of you with their entourage (friends, colleagues, family …). The immediate consequence is free advertising for your brand.

This observation is not an illusion in that the personalized packaging positively influences the behavior of consumers. Just put it forward anytime and anywhere. To develop the business, you need a customized packaging that is successful, practical and less expensive than advertising on other media, like television and radio. Keep in mind that any customer wants to be seduced by a creative idea. From this point of view, the article must be unique to hold the attention. And for that, you can count once again on the packaging.

If the products are similar, the customized bottle packaging is unique and eye-catching thanks to attractive visuals and striking communications. And this can be understood when you realize that the main benefit of this new corporate advertising device is customer loyalty. Even if an article must generate a single purchase for a customer, it is not insignificant, because with the satisfaction of a single order, the customer could become the true evangelizer of your company. He can begin by informing his entourage of the purchase he made at home and the quality of your services. This is the best form of advertising. At the end of the count, it seemed to us that the personalized packaging is far from being a package with certain slices of strings. It is an excellent form of corporate advertising.

The Reflection of Your Personality

The more a customer likes a particular bottle of wine, spirits, beer or olive oil, the more often and quickly he buys it. It is then imperative to look after the packaging of the products to captivate the customers more. You must therefore define and adapt your personalized packaging according to your target audience.

Last but not least, the packaging has become a real unpacking for social networks that mobilize the attention of most Internet users. Optimizing the bottle packaging of products allows you to conquer the sensitivity of a large number of readers. This will definitely generate more traffic on your site.

What are you waiting for? Ask us for a first view of your potential personnalized packaging.

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